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Passionate. Personal. Professional. Proven. ... Welcome Home!


That, in a nutshell, describes the 'Aloha' spirit and service-oriented nature of Florida Real Estate Broker Scott Kauffman, Managing Director of Aloha Realty Group LLC/Aloha Media Group LLC. Considered the leading authority on global golf, private club and luxury resort-style development, Kauffman features decades of full-time newspaper, magazine, broadcast and public relations experience and $120 million in closed commercial/residential real estate sales since becoming a licensed full-service Broker in 2006.


During his award-winning Florida real estate career, Kauffman had the honor of being selected for the elite Disney Vacation Club Cruise Team and Walt Disney World Sales Team in Orlando, Fla., where he served as one of the Walt Disney Company's Cruise Team/Special Event Presenters and Sales Guides. Kauffman currently has the honor of serving as Vice President for the Asian Real Estate Association of America Greater Orlando chapter.


Prior to moving into Real Estate, Kauffman was a full-time sports and business journalist for 18 years. He started his award-winning journalism career in Hawaii, working full-time for both the Honolulu Advertiser and Honolulu Star-Bulletin newspapers while attending the University of Hawaii. Kauffman grew up in Taiwan and Hawaii and speaks Mandarin Chinese.


After graduating from UH-Manoa, Kauffman moved to the Mainland and became a Staff Writer/Editor for USA TODAY, USA Today Baseball Weekly, The Orlando Sentinel and The Golfweek Group from 1990-2004. After his tenure at Golfweek, where he started his niche as the leading expert in golf course business and development worldwide, Kauffman launched his new new real estate career.

In 2006, Kauffman fulfilled his entrepreneurial real estate/media vision, when he started sister companies -- Aloha Realty Group LLC and Aloha Media Group LLC -- to focus on the high-end leisure real estate sales and marketing industries.


Based in Orlando, Kauffman is the most widely published writer for golf and resort-style real estate, having written for more than 80 national golf, real estate and luxury lifestyle publications throughout his ongoing journalism career. Kauffman also has co-authored several golf-related books and collaborated on media and marketing projects with many high-profile golf and real estate clients such as Bella Collina, Tavistock Group, The Idaho Club, Montverde Academy, Stockworth Realty, The Worthington Group, Bonita Bay Group, Marriott Golf, Crosby Golf and the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy.

Kauffman is recognized as an industry expert, having been interviewed by Lou Dobbs of CNN Moneyline and quoted in The Orlando Sentinel, Smart Money magazine, USA Today and the San Jose Mercury News to name a few news outlets (see attached links below).

In his spare time, Kauffman is an avid golfer, foodie and leisure traveler, always in pursuit of the next great place to "live, work and play." He lives in the Orlando-area with his wife and two daughters, and can be reached by emailing:

Finally, as we say in Hawaii, 'Mahalo and Alooooha!'

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